Toddler Bike, Dripex 12 Inch Lightweight No-Pedal Kids Balance Bike


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  • 👍Minimal assemble - Each 12 " balance bike comes partially assembled and easy to assemble as manual.About 20 minutes is enough.NOTE:Please contact us if having any problem.
  • ✅Balance Bike For Kids Growing Up - The seat and handlebar are adjustable.The 12 inch balance bike are designed for 2,3,4,5 or 6 year old toddler in the height of 29.5" to 49".Supporting up to 110.23lbs.
  • 💪Special Design Baby Balance Bike - A 120° steering lock provides more safety for the children because they can only turn the handlebars to a certain extent when driving. Instead of being able to turn the handlebar 360 degrees, turning to the left and right is limited.Especially protect beginners.
  • 🏆High-quality Walking Bike For Toddlers - The painting won't fall or scratch easily.The frame is widened so that it won't be bent easily.TPR handlebar grips ensure that child won't slip off handlebar when riding.The new upgraded patent with widened parallel bar frame makes the kids bike be sturdier and be as footrest.
  • 😊Lightweight Balance Bikes For Toddlers - The no pedal bike comes with aluminum frame and solid durable EVA Foam tires,no need to inflate.Widened PP wheel enhance stability,lean to turns design and bold sealed one-piece dual bearings.Kids could control over direction easier.
  • 🎁First Bike For Girls And Boys - The push bike isn't just a bike for kids,but as teacher help cub improve balance and coordination at crucial developmental stages.With Dripex performance,kids will gain more fun safely.

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12 Inch Baby Balance Bike

Push Bike For 24-72 Months Cub

  • One-piece Bar With Soft Pad
  • Adjustable Handlebar And Seat Are Fixed Tightly
  • Widened Wheels With Solid Tires
  • Anti-slip And Anti-handoff Grip
  • No Sharp Corners Body
  • Flexible Limited Steering
  • Lightweight Bold Frame
  • Soft Breathable Saddle
  • Easy Assemble

12 Inch Baby Balance Bike

Designed For Babies 2-6 YRO

  • Balancing bike is much lighter,kids won't be hurt even can't master the ability of balance well when learning.
  • Balance bike supports riding with different poses,kids’ feet won't fall asleep.
  • Kids learn how to move it side-to-side to balance when walking with balance’ll gain better reaction skill,visual skill,athleticism and ensure they are ready to transit to a ’big kid’ bike.
  • Choosing the cub bike which suits for your toddlers is the most important! Especially The First Toddler Bike For Girls And Boys!

Widened Wheels With Puncture-proof Tire Is Better

Our walking bike is better choice for beginners.
  • 1.EVA FOAM tire is solid and no need to worry about air leak.
  • 2.Lighter and easier to maintain than other plastic pneumatic tires.
  • 3.Our tires are in special design and the widened wheels make it be closer to the ground with anti-slip texture.

One-piece Bar With Protective Pad Is Better

One-piece bar help kids learn balance quicker and better due to stability

One-piece handlebar is smart but importantly,designed with the protective soft pad protects kids from injury.With another type of the handlebar,kids will hit their heads if hit on bikes carelessly, and it may also makes kids scare about riding or hate it.That's not that good for kids' growing-up,especially for beginners.

  • Buyer show:Look!How cool the little babies are!

    From Dripex kids bike customer:Ordered as a birthday gift and my daughter loves it very must.She rides it everyday with us around the grass and grove.The bike is easy to assemble and looks smart. A+++

  • Look!How cool the little babies are!

    From Dripex kids bike customer:My 2 year old son loves this bike. He had issues leaning how to pedal with a regular bike, so this was a cheap way for him to at least get the idea that a bike goes forward and fast!By now,he is good at handling the bike and ask for a competition :)

  • Look!How cool the little babies are!

    From Dripex kids bike customer:The balance bike is for my 3 year old boy,the design of the wheels is super.My son rides smoothly, and the wheels are truly close to the ground so that my son rides on the horizontal bar without scare.

  • Look!How cool the little babies are!

    From Dripex kids bike customer:Bought this bike for our two year old son and he loves it so we love it! Super light weight and easy for him to manage. My 4 year old girl loves it as well,she could hold the bike by single hand.Wonderful!

120° Limit Steering & Security
120° Limit Steering & Security

The handlebar turns flexibly and kids’ll handle easily.The design of 120° limit steering provides security for babies and avoids accidental falls when turning sharply.360°steering is dangerous for kids especially for beginners.

Widened Wheels & Solid Tires
Widened Wheels & Solid Tires

Comes with shock-absorbing EVA FOAM tires so that no need to inflate and tires never leak.The wheels are widened and its design make it be closer to the ground,so that it'll be more stable at different surface.

Bold Frame & Anti-scratch Paints
Bold Frame & Anti-scratch Paints

The patent bold parallel frame help decentralize load-bearing and makes the bike be more sturdy and stable,also could be as footrest.With the car-grade porcelain technology prevents scratch, paint drop or fade away.

Soft Ergonomic Saddle & Fixed Tightly
Soft Ergonomic Saddle & Fixed Tightly

The three-layer breathable seat is soft,design with ergonomic .The safety mark at the seatpost and the bracket placed over the tip of frame helps prevent the seatpost falling or loosening suddenly.Once fixed,it’ll be fixed tightly.

Dripex 12 Inch Cub Balance Bike For 2 3 4 5 6 Years Old

Balance bikes are the best teacher for beginning riders.The ideal way to promote your kids' comprehensive development of moral,intellectua,aesthetic,and sports,also helps kids to experience the confidence and freedom.Coming with durable anti-slip wheels in lightweight and sturdy structure is perfect for a variety of ground surface.The handlebar and comfort seat could be adjusted to grow with your child,helping to extend the life of your bike.