Dprodo Hanging Punching Bag


About this item

  • Punch Dprodo Hanging Bag Anywhere: Classic hanging punching bag design, beautiful in appearance, functional in use. According to your preference, by using our wall-mount bracket, starting your boxing training at home or in the gym. NOTICE: steel chain & hanging brackets are included in the parcel
  • Better-Quality Configuration: well-made four-layer materials minimize chance of bruising your wrists and hands; high-capability load-bearing buckle and bottom-cross reinforcement can better hold up the filled bag, let you hit bag every time at ease
  • 360 Degree Free Rotation: Long and thick anti-rust chain, 360 degree free rotation without knots, let you hit punching bag thoroughly without twisting, close to professional training standards
  • Two filling methods can be chosen: Dprodo hanging punching bag is designed to be DIY style for different players. It can be directly filled the empty punch bag with old cloth, shredded paper or shredded carpet with different ratio. Can put a bag of sand in the middle, and then put rags or old clothes and quilts around to get different weight and hardness and different punch feeling. Fully Filling sand is not recommended
  • 365 Days Care: Dprodo provides a full range of after-sales service, 365 days of thoughtful customer care. If you have any problem with the product, contact Dprodo at any time to get a fast and tailor-made solution

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Product description

Package List:

  • 1 x Unfilled Heavy Bag
  • 1 x Steel Chain
  • 2 x Hanging Brackets
  • 2 x Bolts(8*90)
  • 3 x Expansion bolts(8*100)

Product Dimensions:

  • Shipping weight: 12.6 pounds approx
  • Length of bag: 44.5’’±1.2’’approx
  • Length of chain: 17.7’’ approx


  • Unfilled style heavy bag
  • Sturdy wall-mount bracket
  • Long and thick anti-rust chain
  • Four-layer protection
  • Multiple filling materials can be chosen

Two filling methods:

  • Directly Filled: It can be directly filled with rags, old clothes, sawdust, grain shells, old quilts, etc.
  • Mix Filled: If you worried about the weight, you can put a bag of sand in the middle, and then put rags or old clothes and quilts around