OUNUO Yoga Inversion Chair Headstand Bench


About this item

  • ✽[IDEAL YOGA PARTNER]: Yoleo headstand bench is a dream item for Yoga beginners as well as veteran yoga enthusiasts. With this yoga bench, you can finally perform headstand without the risk of slipping or tipping over. Headstand, also known as the "King of all Asanas", can increase blood circulation; alleviate stress mild depression; strengthen arms, legs, spine and lungs, and calm your brain and heart.
  • ✽[STABILITY,SOLIDITY & DURABILITY]: The supporting frame of Yoleo yoga inversion bench is made of solid steel with maximum weight capacity over 330lbs. The service life of this headstand stool should be long enough unless in extremity. It maintains simple but stable structure, featuring unique intersected design, which guarantees the balance of the main framework. The pre-assembled non-slip pad also keeps it stable on the floor.
  • ✽[MAXIMUM SAFETY & COMFORT]: With the ergonomic cushion design, holding an inverted posture for a few minutes at a time is quite easy. You can keep your balance effortlessly by holding onto the Yoleo yoga bench. Besides, the cushion is made of PU material with 4-cm thick sponge. It offers a maximum comfort for our users, fully easing out the pressure from your neck and shoulders while turning upside down.
  • ✽[VERSATILE & ECONOMIC DEVICE]: Yoleo yoga inversion chair is designed for multiple purposes, allowing you to practice inverted postures (the headstand and many other variations), enhance them with additional body weight exercises. In a word, it’s a piece of multi-functional equipment. Even though when you are not using it, it can genuinely serve as a stool or a meditation chair for you. Totally worth the investment. 
  • ✽[EASY & FAST ASSEMBLY]:Thanks to the simple structure and less components, the handstand helper can easily be assembled in just 5 minutes without problem. By the way, it is also easy to disassemble if it needs to be collected. The yoga headstand prop will come to handy whenever and wherever you want do a headstand as it only weighs around 10 lbs.

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Why Choose YOLEO Headstand Bench ?

YOLEO headstand bench is an incredible inversion prop designed for anyone who wants to enjoy inverted postures. Our users are allowed to effortlessly enhance their overall physical and mental health without pressure on their neck and shoulder.

YOLEO yoga bench can also be creatively utilized as supporting equipment for various fitness exercises. With exceptional care and craftsmanship in it, YOLEO provides users maximum safety and enjoyment while performing headstand.

  • Net Weight: 8.9 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 19.68 x 19.68 x 14.45 inches
  • Material: PU & Steel
  • Maximum User Weight: 330lbs/150kg
  • Color: Black


  • Solid Steel Main Frame;
  • Intersected Secure System;
  • 330lbs Maximum Weight Capacity;
  • Comfortable & Removable PU Cushion
  • Non-slip Pad;
  • Easy Detachable Design;
  • Multiple Purposes.


330 lbs Max Weight Capacity
330 lbs Max Weight Capacity

This headstand bench is designed for almost all body shapes with its large enough 330 lbs bearing capacity.

Ergonomically Designed Cushion
Ergonomically Designed Cushion

Based on human engineering, this beginner friendly yoga bench cushions the tension from your shoulder and neck while doing headstand.

Intersected Supporting System
Intersected Supporting System

Two separated legs are connected by one brace, setting up a steady supporting frame for better security and stability.

Smart Detachable Structure
Smart Detachable Structure

The headstand bench is easy to assemble as well as disassemble. Ready to serve whenever it is needed.

Durable Solid Steel
Durable Solid Steel

The main framework is made of steel, which never rusts or tarnishes. Immune from Normal Damages.

Comfortable PU Material
Comfortable PU Material

High dense foam padding covered by PU leather. Simple maintenance and reliable comfort.

Multi-Purposed Bench
Multi-Purposed Bench

Without the T-shaped pad, it’s a headstand bench; with it, it serves as a stool or a meditation chair.

Non-Slip Pad
Non-Slip Pad

The non-slip pad provides safety as well as stability. It literally avoids users from slipping over. (Note: It is pre-assembled)