Walkie Talkies for Kids, 3 Pack 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Toy 3 Miles Long Range Kids Walkie Talkies for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old Boys Girls Gift for Outdoor Adventure Game Camping Hiking

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About this item

  • Easy to use: The small size and the light body makes kids' walkie talkies perfect for little hands. Simple push to talk setting allows children communicating without holding down the ‘talk’ button. The VOX function allows kids free to play without pressing the PTT button.
  • Safety: 3 miles long range walkie talkies allows you contact your kids at any time. The privacy code options can minimize the likelihood of strangers communicating with your children by using the same frequency. Situation can be real-time monitoring of children through the Monitor function.
  • Durable: Kids walkie talkie is of clear sound quality with 8 adjustable volume levels for this price. Our TOT function can prevent the walkie talkie from heating up to extend the its life, preventing run through batteries very quickly. Also, its 3 lanyards and belt clips can provide anti-loss.
  • Giftable: Kid walkie talkie is the perfect electronics for kids as Easter ideas, Halloween and toddler Christmas gifts. Fit indoor and outdoor toys for kids ages 8-12, great camping equipment for kids camping games, hiking and spring outings.
  • Fun toys: A simple push-to-talk system will have your little ones communicating with ease.The 3 bright colors including pink walkie talkies allowing more options for you. The automatic squelch function offering kids less background noise environment to enjoy outdoor games.

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Perfect Gift for Kids

Perfect Gift for Kids

The package comes with 3 lanyards and 3 pack kids walkie talkie toys with different color. The walkie talkies for kids, which is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included), support to play together with friends or family. Ringtone call will remind you to receive message. It is great for indoor, outdoor or anywhere you want to keep in touch while playing. And the 2 way radio walkie talkies toy can also help your kids learn to express their emotions and bring them a wonderful childhood.

Walkie talkie toys are best gift choice for kids from 3 to 12 years old. If you are busy inside the house or you have visitors over, these kids walkie talkies toys can take your child’s attention for a while. And while they play with their playmates or your visitors’ kids, you can have your own time, too. Perfect birthday, halloween, Christmas or Children Day gifts for kids age 3-12 years old.

More Features

  • Key Tone
  • Roger Beep
  • Button Lock
  • 2 Way Radio
  • Auto Squelch
  • 10 Call Tones
  • Adjustable Vlome
  • Talk Confirmation Tone

Kids Walkie Talkies Features

  • 1. Privacy - The walkie talkies for kids are equipped with 22 channels. To Minimize interference from the same channel, the kids walkie talkies for boys girls also have 99 CTCSS sub-codes. Only when 2 or more walkie talkies for kids have the same the channel and CTCSS sub-code, can the kids walkie talkies be connected.
  • 2. Long Range - TONBUX kids walkie talkies toys enable you to communicate over several kilometers free of charge - Up to 3KM long transmitting range in open field.
  • 3. VOX Function - Voice activated transmission is performed without pressing the PTT button when VOX function is activated. Just talk through the walkie talkies for kids toys without pressing the PTT button.
  • 4. Free Your Hands - The kids walkie talkies for boys girls package come with 3 neck straps so the kids walkie talkies wouldn’t be dropped. And you could do anything else you need to do.
How to install batteries into the walky talky for kids?
  • Step 1: The walkie talkies for kids have a button inside the belt clip. Press the button towards the belt clip gently.
  • Step 2: Push the clip upside.
  • Step 3: Put your finger on the battery cover and slide it down gently.
  • Step 4: According to the instructions in the position where to put the battery, install the 4 AAA batteries (NOT included) with positive and negative electrodes. Rechargeable AAA batteries are recommended.

Note: Please use formal and guaranteed batteries and ensuring that the battery poles are correctly aligned.

Clear Sound
Clear Sound

The walkie talkies for kids have crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. And these 2 way radio toys equipped with automatic squelch function to reduce background noise.

LCD Backlight Display
LCD Backlight Display

Whether in the day or night, the channel, sub-code, voice activation(VOX), scan function, button lock, volume and the battery status could be clearly seen on the screen.


With belt clip and circular hole, the walkie talkies for boys girls could be hung on the neck or buckled on the school bag. No need to worry that kids will lose these walkie talkies toys, even when they are climbing, playing in the playground or doing other outdoors activities.

Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor Adventure

With the walkie talkies for kids, your little ones could keep in touch with you or his friends all the time among 3 miles range in open field to keep his safe and bring him more enjoyment.

Family Camping
Family Camping

Kids always grow quickly, so cherish the family time with your little ones when they are young. Our 2 way radio toy is up to 3 miles range in open field, so that you could talk with your kids in the outside activities.

Supermarket & Restaurant
Supermarket & Restaurant

When you are in crowed places, such as supermarket, restaurant or shopping center, you could keep in touch with the children. These walkie talkies are not just kids toys but also a direct line to keep everyone close and safe.